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Former United States Coast Guard Law Enforcement Officer

At the Law Office of Michael A. Grasso, Esq., LLC our staff provides a statewide service for your legal needs. We have two convenient office locations in Freehold (Monmouth County) and Forked River (Ocean County), New Jersey.

Michael Grasso is committed to defending clients in the greater areas of New Brunswick, Middlesex County, Freehold, Monmouth County, Forked River, Ocean County, New Jersey following any type of DWI/DUI arrest. An experienced DWI/DUI Lawyer who will fight for your rights.



We represent clients who have been charged with a wide variety of criminal offenses ranging from a simple assault offense to first degree armed robbery. Regardless the violation, charge or significance of the offense, this law office is designed to protect your constitutional rights and meet your needs.


Michael Grasso is a seasoned attorney who has handled thousands of cases throughout the State of New Jersey. Do not compromise on your defense counsel when it comes to facing loss of liberty, suspension of driving privileges or being threatened with exorbitant fines and costs.



Our firm has a proven track record for over a decade of turning hopeless legal prosecutions into not guilty verdicts, very favorable pleas or just an outright dismissal.

We maintain a small boutique operation so we can continue to provide the specialized attention and detail that all of our clients deserve.

To our past clients we thank you for your patience, cooperation and loyalty. To our future clients we thank you for taking the time to read about us and welcome the opportunity to go to work for you. We believe in one thing here at The Law Office of Michael A. Grasso, Esq., LLC and that is protecting your fundamental constitutional rights.

Whether you are the target in a crime ring or financially and personally entangled in a domestic quagmire, we take the time up front to review your matter free of charge and hold you to no further obligation. Our predominant purpose is to provide a service to our clients that are second to none. We provide legal services on behalf of entities or individuals in the subject matter of Appellate Procedure, Criminal Defense; DWI/DUI Defense, Domestic Violence Prosecution and Defense, Expungement Procedure, Family Law, Juvenile Defense, Immigration Deportation Defense and Municipal Court Prosecution and Defense.

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As a former law enforcement officer to the federal government, Mr. Grasso knows exactly what it takes to advocate for your best legal outcome. Whether you are facing a petty disorderly persons offense in any one of New Jersey’s five hundred thirty seven Municipal Courts or a homicide charge in any of our state’s twenty one Superior Courts, Mr. Grasso will leave no stone unturned until he gets what you deserve. Contact us now and receive your free initial consultation to immediately obtain the vital information necessary to formulate your defense.

General Credentials of Attorney Grasso

  • Four years enforcing the Code of Federal Regulations
  • More than 18 years of successful trial experience in the State of New Jersey
  • Successfully conducted hundreds of pre-trial motions, bench and jury trials throughout the federal, state and municipal courts of New Jersey
  • Successfully argued appeals before the Appellate Division of the Superior Court of New Jersey
  • Interviewed by Newsweek, TMZ, Associated Press, the Howard Stern Show, the Star Ledger and Asbury Park Press



FREEHOLD CRIMINAL DEFENSE:The Law Office of Michael A. Grasso, Esq., LLC focuses its services on Criminal Defense, as it is the bedrock of which our reputation has been built. As a former law enforcement officer for the federal government Mr. Grasso knows exactly what level of diligence is necessary to counter investigate your particular prosecution. In gauging the type of approach your defense calls for your case is broken down into three crucial stages by examining the following:

Michael Grasso AVVO Criminal Defense Attorney Freehold

1.The Reasonable Suspicion and Probable Cause necessary to encounter you, your vehicle, or your premises; 2.The Search and Seizure of your person, motor vehicle or premises; 3.The Credibility, Veracity and Admissibility of all Witnesses and Evidence to be used against you at trial.

The criminal procedure may be the most constitutionally invasive experience you may endure in your lifetime. That is why choosing the right attorney is the most important decision you will make during this process.It is most important to understand the tracking of a criminal procdure in the Superior Court of New Jersey. The following demonstrates a breakdown of how the system operates:


Formal Criminal Complaint: This is where an investigation is in process and you have been charged with violating the Criminal Code of New Jersey (Section 2C). The service of process for a formal criminal complaint may take anywhere from a few minutes (i.e. a disorderly persons offense) to over a year’s time (i.e. due to the complexity and number of witnesses that must be interviewed by the county prosecutor or attorney general’s office). In any event, you will be served with the complaint (commonly known as a green sheet) and should provide this document along with your bail release form to your attorney immediately. An arrest may or may not occur conditioned upon the severity and seriousness of the case. Nonetheless, you will be served after you are arrested by a law enforcement agency or through the regular mailing system.

Motions: Motions may be filed with the criminal case management office of the Superior Court of New Jersey at any time after a formal criminal complaint has been served upon you. Regardless, whether your matter has been presented to grand jury or you are at the case status conference (csc) or trial phase of your procedure, motions may be heard to protect your legal interests by requesting the court to suppress the evidence against you or dismiss your matter outright. The further along you are in your procedure the more likely these motions will be conferenced with the court thus indicating to all parties the likelihood of the continuation of your prosecution. If a motion is denied your attorney may file an Interlocutory Appeal and request a stay on your present prosecution or sentencing after weighing out the potential length and complexity of your matter.


Servicing: The Greater Areas of New Brunswick & Middlesex County | Freehold & Monmouth County | Toms River & Ocean County | Mays Landing & Atlantic County